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International Business Law

We have more than 29 years of experience in Hong Kong, China, and Asia Pacific, and are familiar with the business environment in both civil law and common law countries.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures

Businesses wishing to set up in Hong Kong, in China, or in Asia Pacific may do so either by incorporating a new company or by means of a merger or an acquisition. In some jurisdictions joint ventures may be a legal requirement or an economic necessity.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our experienced Legal Team and Company secretarial Team working hand in hand is capable of handling complex corporate matters.

We provide assistance on a wide range of commercial agreements from strategic planning of transactions and negotiation of contracts to deal implementation and contract management.

International Tax Law

We handle all fiscal aspects of business management and strategy, as well as generally assisting clients with tax matters.

We provide international strategic tax advice and representation on a diverse variety of complex transactions such as corporate financing, corporate regroupings and reorganizations, French investment abroad and foreign investment in France, asset financing and project financing, real-estate transactions.

International Arbitration & Litigation

We offer assistance, representation and advice at all stages of the arbitration process, from the drafting of efficient clauses in international contracts through to the conduct of arbitral proceedings and the enforcement of arbitral awards. With respect to litigation practice, our work covers advice on contentious issues, anticipating and preventing disputes, handling existing disputes and arbitration, alternative dispute resolution/mediation.

Private international Law

Private international Law stems from the diversity of national legal systems and from the international character of legal situations. It deals with the international aspect of all private law issues. We therefore advise clients on all civil controversies, both personal and commercial, arising out of situations having a significant relationship to more than one nation.

Immigration Law

Immigration Law has always been a strong element in the firm's practice.

We advise on all manner of immigration matters, aiming at reducing the disruption to clients' business and hassle for their staff arising from the international transfer and cross-border recruitment of existing and new employees.

We provide highly reliable and effective legal solutions.

We are committed to both complying with our legal obligations and professional rules and to protecting the legitimate interests of our clients.