The Firm

Our Main Focus

MA specializes in the economic migration of companies from Europe to Asia Pacific, particularly China, and from Asia Pacific to Europe, particularly France. Our firm provides its clients with the possibility to carry out their investments projects owing to technical solutions based on its in-depth knowledge of the economic and legal environments of these regions, together with its more than 29 years of experience in the commercial and legal practices of the relevant countries.

Our firm also provides expert legal advice to both corporations and individuals across a variety of dedicated practice areas.

Our Association with Tony Au & Co

MA and Tony Au & Co (“TAC”, a Hong Kong law firm) have formed an association registered with the Law Society of Hong Kong on 13 May 2022.

MA’s association with TAC expands and reinforces its capacity to assist clients in cross-border legal issues involving France, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, including in complex files.

Our Values

Integrity, good governance, a responsible attitude, and a relationship with clients built on trust without compromising our independence are the values that guide us in all our actions.

Integrity and Good Governance

We uphold strong moral principles even in circumstances where most people would accept to change them. We hold ourselves accountable to clients without compromising our efficiency.

Responsible Attitude

We take at heart to manage our clients’ interests in a reliable way, taking when necessary appropriate action at our own initiative with care.


We do not get involved in the management of our client’s businesses. Our independence and our professional attitude give us the peace of mind without which we could not resolve complex issues very stressful to our clients.


Our experience and our values allow us to provide quality independent legal advice in cases which are sometimes complex and require inventiveness. We are resourceful in finding legal solutions for our clients involved in cross border transactions.

Contributing to our client’s success stories is our reward.

Our management style unleashes creativity and fosters healthy competition and collaboration within the legal team making up our firm.

We have been awarded many times the Hong Kong Business Outstanding Enterprise award in the legal sector.

Social Responsibility

Additionally to pro bono work support provided from time to time to individuals in distress, Eric Mayer is involved in two charities: the French Solidarity Fund and ANU Mongolia Charity which are both recognized by the Hong Kong government as being charitable trusts of a public character.

More information on the trusts of a public character can be found on the following links: